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Child Custody Attorney in Duluth

A common term that must been decided in a divorce proceeding relate to the children. Banks Law, P.C. treats this topic area as the most important aspect of a divorce that must be considered and decided carefully. As a part of a divorce proceeding, decisions as to child custody and child support are automatically included in the legal process. Outside of the fact that the children's best interests are highlighted, each divorce proceeding invites the parties to engage in considerations of what will continue the healthiest transition for the child(ren) involved. Banks Law, P.C. will assist in providing countless options as to the best interests for the children. Often times, couples are not married, but have children. That law does not provide anything different or less just because the parties not married. Child support and Custody issues are governed in the same way by Georgia law regardless as to whether or not the parents are married. Banks Law, P.C. offers expert legal services for child custody and support cases in Duluth and all surrounding areas in the Metro Atlanta area.

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Sadiqa Banks, Esq. Banks Law, PC

Sadiqa Banks, Esq attorney at Law.

Family Law Attorney

Banks Law, P.C. was established to focus on the essential legal needs that arise in the family relationship.

Child Custody and Support

A common term that must been decided in a divorce proceeding relate to the children.


After a divorce or child support proceeding, one of the parties can experience a substantial life change.

Divorce Attorney

The two types of divorce proceedings available in Georgia are uncontested and contested.