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Attorney Sadiqa Banks has been practicing law since 2009. Her focal practice areas are Employment Law and Family Law. Attorney Banks has equally dedicated her practice of law to assertively representing the working citizen and advocating family issues.She is admitted to practice law in the State of Georgia and has been admitted to the following Courts: Georgia Court of Appeals, Supreme Court of Georgia, United States District Court Northern District of Georgia, United Stated District Court Middle District of Georgia, and United Stated District Court Southern District of Texas.

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Sadiqa Banks, Esq. Banks Law, PC

Sadiqa Banks, Esq attorney at Law.

Family Law Attorney

Banks Law, P.C. was established to focus on the essential legal needs that arise in the family relationship.

Child Custody and Support

A common term that must been decided in a divorce proceeding relate to the children.


After a divorce or child support proceeding, one of the parties can experience a substantial life change.

Divorce Attorney

The two types of divorce proceedings available in Georgia are uncontested and contested.